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Begging is for Dogs

Fun throwback post:

In my market there are some agents who put the funniest things in the agent private remarks section of MLS, as well as in their feedback solicitations. I noted that and wondered if a sense of humor in ads helps sell homes. Does it help to have a funny bone? Maybe? Or is it just corny and unprofessional? Maybe both -- who knows?

One of the agents in my area has this in her MLS private remarks, "The buyer's agent at closing will get an $8 cash bonus and an expired coupon to Arby's." I've never sold one of her homes, but I always laugh (ok, and roll my eyes) when I see her ad in MLS. What do you think about approaches like this? Cheese-ball or OK on the fun factor?

On to another topic. I am not a big fan of showing feedback, to be honest. I don't like giving it (I don't know why) and I don't like how my clients bite their nails for it. But I do completely understand I am in the minority on this topic and try to go along. Which reminds me -- the same agent mentioned above also put this in one of her ads, "PLEASE LEAVE HONEST FEEDBACK SO I CAN TRY TO GET THE OWNER TO CLEAN." Pft. Funny girl.

All that said, for years I didn't really get much feedback. I didn't try really hard because I didn't value what others thought - THAT SOUNDS TERRIBLE! I don't mean to be tacky. Honestly, though, rarely is anything said that my clients and I didn't already talk about. Maybe one in four showings would result in feedback. I always prepped my clients and explained I do solicit for it more than once, but I don't always get it. Then I thought maybe the feedback response could be improved by a new and improved solicitation for it -- not because I care, but because my clients care; therefore, I do care. So for a long time my feedback solicitations said, "$100 for feedback. Just kidding, but it is valuable."

It seems agents skip out on feedback fewer and further between with a unique ask. And to be honest, they give some pretty quality comments as a result, too. So overall I think the package helped sell the ask.

Today? The market is different in DFW. I don't take time to ask for feedback anymore because the home is usually sold (the best feedback is an offer, wait, multiple offers above list price in hours) before I can even complete the marketing. Before lockboxes, signs, pictures, etc., are done, houses are GONE. So this entire discussion is moot in DFW today. Perhaps other markets can still argue it's points... and perhaps I will remember this when the market conditions change. And they will change.

But for now, begging is for dogs!

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