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STORMS and what they say to you

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LAST NIGHT I am confident the storm had words with me. The thunder was not only in my ear, but it spoke in complete sentences. It's companion, lightning, was pretty much like a surgeon's light straight at my window.  A few things came to mind, as I am in a new house, learning new quirks, working out kinks, just as my clients do all the time.

FIRST, I have a water-torture drip at one of my rain gutters. There must be a hole, defect or something that allows a steady drip like water to metal right by my bedroom window. I can't find it this morning, because the rain has slowed to a tiny drizzle and that sound -- it stopped. I am awake and wondering, "Ok, honestly, how did the last homeowner live with that? Do they have a nervous twitch?!"

SECOND, thanks to the drip, I have now checked every inch of the attic areas to make sure it's nothing inside, and it's not, no water penetration, which is awesome! So that allows for a little sanity, but that drip! But... in my attic, there are droppings and tracks in the insulation. What does that mean? It means I need to set some mouse and rat traps and bait. Please don't tell my kids. They will want to keep the friends.

LAST, thanks to the storm, that drip, my attic inspection and the traps I need to set, I also need to look for entry points, holes in eaves, areas of separation at the roof, vents, and siding areas.

I'm ok with all this. It's normal. Storms talk. They're kind of like a guide to things you didn't note on a sunhiny day. Houses talk. Quirks. Kinks. Friends in the attic. All things I can work out. But things I am fairly certain were not on my inspection because it wasn't raining that day and inspectors tend to be pretty cautious in attics and on roofs so as to, you know, not fall through! It has happened!

Anyway, just a few things that come to mind in storms. Rain. It's a good thing. It's... revealing!

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